Technical Design

Our experienced account team will communicate with you, your design, concepts, quality, and timelines in details before kicking off. Our engineer teams will work on technical drawing to make sure we are in line with your expectations.


We take material selection, manufacturing processes, timing, packaging and quality seriously into consideration during prototype development.  As prototyping is a key part of your project, we can manufacture and deliver your prototype in a short timeline.


With our Engineering, Prototyping, Acrylic, Metal, Wood, Painting and Assembling Department n house, we can achieve efficient production processes.

Quality Control

To secure products quality, we implement quality controls from raw materials to all production processes and packaging under ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 standards.

Salt spray, UV, Temperature, Alcohol, Scratch test will be conducted during prototyping to production stages, depending the nature use of the product

Packaging and Labeling

All the products are packed based on quality standards (ISTA) with drop test and vibration test. To deliver your goods wor, we also respect all labelling, shipping and packaging regulations of any destination. Hence, we can deliver the products to our clients without delay.

Logistic and Installation

We provide full logistics and installation solutions that guarantee a safe delivery of your goods from our manufacturing plant to your warehouses or directly to your stores.